Philosophy & Objectives of Theatre Arts

Vision Statement

Theatre Arts Programme, Nnamdi Azikiwe University was founded on the philosophy that knowledge and practice of the communicative arts of Drama, Theatre, Performance and Media Production should be disseminated and applied to solve human problems and facilitate sustainable development in the community and society at large.In addition to laying a strong foundation for an enduring Arts and Cultural Promotion in the nation, the Theatre Arts Programme seeks to inculcate in prospective students, the creative imagination needed to formulate ideas and artistically translates such ideas into practicable solutions for the contemporary needs of humanity.




Mision Statement

In line with the vision of the founding fathers of Nnamdi Azikiwe University, the Theatre Arts Programme guides the student to imbibe the tenets of discipline required for artistic training, so as to graduate into the society as self-reliant creative artists committed to the ideals of excellence required for nation building. The cardinal mission of the Department is to produce graduates that are intellectually and professionally quipped to meet the dynamic challenges of the 21st Century — World both in their industry and in other sectors of the society.



The objective of the undergraduate programme is to fashion a curriculum’ in Theatre Arts that combines a solid academic foundation in theories, with a knowledge and practice of the communicative arts of drama and the theatre, Such a foundation when laid, will enhance graduate research, so that a graduate of theatre arts can proceed to further studies at the post- graduate level , for eventual preparation for the school of general life, as a creative teacher or as an expert in the communications and entertainment industry.