Philosophy & Objectives of Music

The Music Progromme’s Philosophy
Practical Courses in Music are, in this University, conceived as complimentary to the theoretical ones.  Thus, competencies, understanding and skills are expected in the theoretical as well as in the practical aspects of the Music of Africa, Europe, America, Latin America, and other world cultures.  Opportunities are provided for appreciation, analysis, practice and communication of music as a performing art and as a highly literacy art.
The last year of the programme introduces areas of professional specialization in Music Education, Music composition, Ethnomusicology, and Music performance.  The election for any of the options is based on skills and aptitudes acquired in earlier years.
Objectives of the Programme
The degree programme in Music at the Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka has the following primary objectives:
  1. To provide students with adequate knowledge, skills and understanding of Music and related functional disciplines.
  2. To prepare students as professional Music teachers for the country’s educational system.
  3. To produce high caliber music graduates who can pursue further studies in Music.
  4. To prepare students for varied music positions in private and public agencies of our present era of high technology and computerization. Such agencies include the Advertising Agency, the Radio and Television Houses, the Recording Houses, the Media Houses Cinema, Film, Archives and Cultural Divisions, Police, Army and Air Force Bands, Mosques and Churches.