Philosophy & Objectives of History and International Studies

Objectives of the Programme

The Department of History and International Studies aims at:

  1. Contributing to the formation of an informed and concerned citizenry.
  2. Giving students a firm and broad grounding in several aspects of Nigerian, African and World history.
  3. Educating students in historical movements and issues of international global importance to enable them acquire better knowledge of the world and thus promote world peace.
  4. Providing students with sound insight into their heritage and helping them to develop an intelligent, sympathetic and dispassionate understanding of the various ramifications of the past and contemporary Nigerian, African and World problems.
  5. Instilling in students a critical and broad mind such that will enable them appreciate the various dimensions of any given issue.

Emphasis is placed on such issues as the symbiotic relationship of Nigerian peoples, the need for national integration, problems and prospects of Nation building in African, European, and American History, and International affairs especially in areas of diplomacy, world peace, strategic studies, world economic and political order, foreign policy, and the development of modern government. In addition, students of the departments are required to undertake supervised research projects, which introduce them to the rudiments of research in History and International Studies.