Philosophy & Objectives of English Language and Literature

The Department of English Language and Literature aims at providing the intellectual knowledge and training that prepare its students for life, giving them pragmatic education, sound knowledge of the linguistic theories and functions of the English language and literary studies, in order to equip them satisfactorily with the language skills required for excellent communication in all fields of human activity. It is the department’s determination to maintain the world standards in English and literary studies and to offer our students the kind of refinement and pruning that makes them marketable. To this end, some of our specific objectives include:



* To produce competent users of the English language

* To sharpen the student’s literary sensibility to enable them to respond adequately to any literary stimulus

* To produce students who can use their linguistic and communicative competence and literary awareness for effective literary appreciation

* To make students conversant with the major landmarks in the development of English and African literatures

* To produce graduates who can appreciate, adapt and transfer the knowledge gained from their studies in developing “Nigerian English” and produce significant works in English and mother tongues

* To train students to gain greater refinement of character and personality development through language and literary studies

* To prepare our graduating students for postgraduate studies and research in applied English and literary studies

* To produce competent middle-level manpower who have sound communication skills required for efficient and productive performance in the following areas of  national and international services:

– Teaching in institutions of higher learning

– Television and radio news editing and broadcasting

– Newspaper/journal writing, editing  and proof reading

– Teaching of English language and literature in schools and colleges.

– Public and civil service

– Political enlightenment and diplomatic service

– Publishing industry.